Our History


Harold Neal (1946-2009) was a pioneer in the development and manufacture of automated pavement maintenance equipment. He hosted annual trade and conference events to teach contractors how to better perform their services and bring added value to their customers. These conferences paved the way for the annual National Pavement Expo.

In 2005, Harold Neal developed an improved hydraulic piston pump, and Neal Manufacturing LLC began to serve the seal coating industry until Mr. Neal’s unexpected demise in 2009. In 2013 Blastcrete Equipment Co., Inc. began the production of the Neal Manufacturing LLC product line at its facility in Anniston, AL. Blastcrete is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic mixing and pumping equipment for shotcrete, concrete, refractories, flooring underlayment, grout and epoxy.

The Neal Manufacturing division of Blastcrete has diversified the product line to include equipment for the asphalt seal coating industry, as well as equipment to manufacture (mix), store, transport and apply materials for all asphalt pavement maintenance materials including asphalt road maintenance. Our robust pump systems are considered the industry standard for both parking lot and road maintenance. Since 2015, the Neal Manufacturing division has introduced the labor saving hydraulic Neal Jet Blower for the DA 350, high production dual 100 GPM pumps or our single 150 GPM pump, for application trucks with solenoid open and close nozzle tips, and a hydraulic cut in baffle for the DA 350 or application truck which shorten cut in time by more than 50%.

Harold Neal was one of five industry pioneers who were inducted into the first class of Pavement Magazine’s Hall of Fame at the National Pavement Expo in February of 2015 in Nashville.