Asphalt emulsion storage tank

Storage Tanks Ideal for Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsions

In News by Neal Manufacturing

Neal Manufacturing offers its storage tanks as long-term storage solutions for as much as 10,000 gallons of coal tar as well as asphalt emulsions with its skid-mounted Sealer Mixer Tanks.

Neal Manufacturing designs its storage tanks with high-quality components and heavy-gauge materials for optimal durability, reliable agitation and exceptional material transfer. In addition, the tanks allow contractors to save money by purchasing material in bulk and safely store it at their sites for quick and easy access.

Neal Manufacturing’s storage tanks are formed with high-quality I-beam or channel steel skids. For extra support, the company manufactures the tanks with corner braces to keep them securely fastened on the skids.

The storage tanks’ agitators are manufactured with a solid steel shaft that enables the unit to mix thicker materials and break up settled product to optimize mixing power. Further, with the unit’s exclusive offset agitation, two of the three blades are submerged in the material at all times. This is crucial when it comes to breaking up settled material. In addition, Neal Manufacturing uses a 100-tooth sprocket to propel the agitation, which is more than twice the size of competing storage tanks

A Ranger™ gear pump reliably transfers materials out of the tank and into sealcoating equipment. Users can operate both the pumping and mixing functions of the tanks from one control panel. A 24-inch manway allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The tanks are equipped with an 18-horsepower Kohler Command gasoline engine, which delivers over twice the power of competing units. The Kohler engine can be replaced with an electric motor for indoor storage tanks near a power source.