The Neal Manufacturing division of Blastcrete Equipment, LLC incorporates over 250 combined years of experience in the manufacture of heavy duty mixing, pumping and spraying equipment of aggregate materials. Find out how the Blastcrete Advantage can separate you from your competition by learning about our pump technology, work tools, truck systems and quality and customer care.

Pump Technology

HDP Pump TechnologyNeal Manufacturing division pumps incorporate the proven heavy duty parts and pump technology with its new on demand Generation 4 pumps. The Generation 4 pump is specifically designed for unlimited aggregate loads up to 7 mm in diameter. This pump is designed for coal tar materials, polymer modified as well as mastics that would be considered harsh mixes when compared to traditional seal coating materials.

No other pavement maintenance pump provider offers on demand piston pumps that include 50 GPM, 100 GPM, 150 GPM and a transfer pump up to 310 GPM. Dual mounted 100 GPM or single mounted 150 GPM pumps are designed for high volume road maintenance. All of our pumps provide for the most efficient and consistent material flow with minimal surge to the spray nozzles. The simplicity of our pumps results in more power to the spray bar.

All Neal Manufacturing division pumps are tested under load prior to shipment and are warranted for one year aside from wear parts.

Mixers for Material Production and Bulk Storage and Transfer

Asphalt Mixer TankNeal Manufacturing division manufactures hydraulic mixing tanks with spiral agitation up to 6000 gallon capacity, and storage and transfer tanks with hydraulic paddle agitation up to 10,000 gallon capacity. These tanks are available with electrical, gas or diesel power as a power source for the hydraulic system. Our heavy duty piston transfer pumps are available from 50 GPM up to 310 GPM.

Tank options include load cells, flow meters, and customized tanks to fit any application.

Work Tools for DA 350 and truck systems only available from Neal Manufacturing division

DA350 Dual Sealcoat Applicator with BlowerThe addition of the Neal hydraulic Jet Blower, combined with the new Neal Auto Trim attachment turns the Model DA 350 self propelled applicator into pavement maintenance Money Machine. The Jet Blower can do the work of four single walk behind or back pack blowers (and people) in prep work.

DA 350 Sealcoat Applicator with New AutoTrim

The Auto Trim attaches to the front of the DA 350 or an application truck

and is used to cut in around curbs, gutters and other obstructions prior to sealing. Compared to the manual cut in process, the Auto Trim is 7 times faster and requires four less people. This heavy duty hydraulically activated work tool is bolted to the machine, has a 36” adjustment, and can be removed if needed.

Other work tools for the DA 350 and truck systems include a hydraulically activated distributor bar than can cover up to 14 ft. in width. The Neal Manufacturing division’s distributor bar is the only one in the industry that allows for independent remote control of each spray nozzle without having to manually turn off valve or disconnect linkages. This feature provides the operator with precise remote control of the spraying width of the material, which is especially useful for custom width jobs and cutting in. A LED work light package is also available.

Truck Systems

Truck Sealcoat Application SystemsCustom Neal Manufacturing division truck systems are available with our Generation 4 100 GPM, dual 100 GPM and our new 150 GPM pumps for high volume road and parking lot maintenance. Truck systems are typically customized to meet customer needs and are available with diesel, gas or power take off hydraulic system.

Quality and Customer Service

The Generation 4 pump housings are all robotically welded. The pump heads are industrial grade hydraulic cylinders manufactured to our specifications by ISO 9000:2008 certified manufacturers specifically for Blastcrete. All pumps are tested and approved under load prior to shipment. Neal Manufacturing division customer care is unmatched in the industry.