Roller-stator pump on sealcoating equipment

Replacement Parts the Easy Way

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No machine runs forever. Parts wear out. Breakdowns happen. Routine maintenance and proper cleaning can keep your equipment out of the shop, but even the highest-quality equipment needs parts and service at some point.

It’s too late to worry about your OEM’s parts and service support when the chips are already down. Instead, plan ahead by adding aftermarket service to your initial purchase checklist.

Be ready for the inevitable. Partner with a manufacturer that offers the following parts and service support to keep your equipment on the jobsite, where it belongs.

1. Just a Phone Call Away

“For parts and service, press…” We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a job, something goes wrong, and there’s only a recording on the other end of the line when you call the service number. You don’t have time to navigate a push button system when there’s still work to do. And if you’re lucky enough to reach a service technician, will they have the knowledge and tools to diagnose your problem remotely?

With Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC, you can rest assured that the voice on the other end is a certified professional who will work with you every step of the way. Whether it’s diagnostic assistance or parts, our team of engineers, mechanics, and service technicians can identify your problem and get things running again quickly. Simply call us at 770-830-1282.

2. Parts Delivered Next Day

Unexpected downtime is rarely written into the budget or timeline. Being able to get the parts you need fast is important for maintaining your productivity. Industry leading manufacturers know every minute of downtime risks your reputation and your bottom line. That’s why, in many cases, companies like Neal Manufacturing work to get parts delivered to your door the next day.

To ensure quality, compatibility and durability, critical wear parts and hydraulic elements, should come from the OEM. From simple seals to vital pump components, we stock parts for our entire line of machines. In most cases, parts orders placed by 3:00 P.M. CST can be shipped next day delivery.

We are able to provide parts for older Neal machines, as well. What we don’t have on hand, we can manufacture — allowing you to extend the life of your current machine with quality OEM parts.

3. Continued Support

Choosing a reliable machine from a trusted manufacturer is more than just a one-time transaction – it’s a partnership. Odds are, you factored in the longevity of the machine and the manufacturer when you made your calculations. You probably also considered the after-market service you could expect.

Upgrades, replacement parts and pump rebuilds – these are the benefits of partnering with a respected, customer-focused manufacturer. You want a company that provides the service and maintenance to keep your machine up and running for a lifetime. One that has access to parts for all models, not just the newest. One that will work with you to maximize ROI on your existing equipment long after the initial purchase.

Working with a company like Neal Manufacturing ensures you will have access to the parts and service you need for the lifetime of your machine — including parts for previous Neal Manufacturing pavement maintenance models and asphalt sealcoating equipment. Call for information on parts selection for squeegees, blowers, spray bars and other sealcoating equipment.

Maintenance issues are inevitable. Make sure you’re ready with a parts and service department that’s on call, ready to diagnose your problem, get you the parts you need — regardless of the age of your machine — and get you back on the job.