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DA-350 Dual Applicator For Faster Application, Reduced Labor

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The DA-350 Dual Applicator by Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment Company, is a highly mobile machine that provides two powerful ways to apply sealcoat – the spray method and squeegee method – in one machine. The unit’s versatility, combined with its ability to apply high volumes of material quickly, make it ideal for contractors who coat large asphalt areas such as parking lots.

The three-wheeled, self-propelled DA-350 holds 350 gallons of material. It is equipped with a 7-foot-wide, dual drag squeegee assembly and a hydraulically driven, electrically controlled super sand pump (ESSP) system, which is standard on all Neal spray equipment. The unit also comes with 75 feet of reinforced hose, a 6-foot hand wand and a six-nozzle spray bar.

The dual application begins with the squeegee system, which covers more area in less time than an operator could cover with a hand wand. It also applies more material – one gallon covers 3½ to 4 square yards – for a coating that lasts up to 40 percent longer. In addition, the squeegee packs the material down into crevices better than the spray-on method. Following the squeegee application, the operator uses the hand wand or the spray bar to apply a second coat and completely seal the asphalt.

One person can operate the DA-350, and the squeegee system provides complete and easy control over material distribution. An operator uses a foot pedal for on-demand control of the

4-inch material drop, which releases material directly into the squeegee box. The windrow operator arm, which is available in manual and hydraulic options, allows the operator to further manipulate how material is applied to surfaces. In addition, a 40-gallon fogger system cools asphalt surfaces prior to application to ensure proper adhesion.

The unit’s ESSP transfers up to 100 gallons of material per minute, which is the fastest transfer rate on the market and is up to 50 percent faster than diaphragm pumps. The DA-350 is powered by a 40-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine or an optional 35-horsepower Kubota diesel engine; both deliver high torque for strong material mixing in the tank. The hydraulic piston pump can process high sand loads, which is required on some state and federal projects. It also provides on-demand action. Since it pumps only when pressure drops during spraying, it consumes less horsepower, reduces fuel consumption and increases engine life.

Neal designs its ESSP systems for low maintenance and longevity, with 75 percent fewer parts than traditional air pumps. They feature leather cups that tightly seal the plates to prevent material from leaking. Unlike diaphragm pumps that require daily flushing to prevent their rubber seals from degrading, the leather cups in the hydraulic piston pumps will not degrade. Users only need to flush them once a year, which can save up to 30 minutes per day. The seals last up to 200,000 gallons, depending on the sand load.

The pumps include 2.5-gallon material filters that capture more debris so the machines can spray longer between filter cleanings. They also feature Neal’s Generation III pump heads. The Generation III controller serves as the brain for the reciprocating cylinder – the unit that drives the material pump – and features a specialized, time-tested and reliable design for uninterrupted pumping power. In addition to more volume, Neal’s pump offers more power, increased suction and the ability to spray larger volumes of material with heavy sand loads.

The DA-350 features an unloading valve on the auxiliary pump for easy engine starting. The unit’s power steering, with the tightest turning radius in the industry, provides increased

maneuverability and production. The unit also features infinitely variable speed control from 0-10 mph in both forward and reverse. In addition, it has a low-profile engine deck, square tank and 20.75-inch tires for increased stability, operator visibility and ultimate traction on the job. Hydrostatic rear-wheel drive makes for easy loading, and a specially designed transport trailer for relocating the unit from site to site is available.

To ensure its customers know how to properly operate and maintain the machines, Neal offers free training seminars at its Anniston, Ala. location.