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Squeegee or Spray – Which Sealcoat Application is Best for Your Project?

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Like every contractor, you want your job to go smoothly. For a perfect finish every time, you need to start with the correct application method. Here are a few considerations to help determine what sealcoat application method is the best method for your job.

1. Spray

Spraying sealcoat is by far the most popular application method. It’s faster than applying by squeegee and produces a smoother, more uniform finish. With this method, you use a sealcoating trailer or skid-mounted spray system and either a hand wand or distributor bar to apply the sealcoat. A distributor bar empties the sealcoat tank faster than a hand wand, resulting in  increased efficiency.

Apply an initial coat to the surface, then follow an hour or two after with a second coat to cover any missed spots. The second coat ensures water stays out of the paved surface.

This method is the preferred choice for contractors looking for smooth finish fast.

2. Squeegee

For jobs with a rough or porous surface, the squeegee method of sealcoat application is your best choice to pack the sealant into the crevices of the pavement. For maximum efficiency and comfort, opt for a ride-on sealcoating rig with a squeegee, but you can also use a manual individual squeegee tool. The squeegee method works great for accomplishing stronger bonds on irregular surfaces. One disadvantage to this method, however, is that it’s difficult to ensure the material is evenly spread.

3. Dual Application

For versatility to handle all surface types, choose a ride-on dual applicator sealcoat machine. This gives you the ability to match the unique needs of the job at hand — squeegee, spray or both —maximizing potential job opportunities and sealcoat quality on a variety of surfaces. With this combination, you apply the sealcoat using the squeegee method first and then follow up with a spray application.

Dual applicator machines cost more than a unit that offers just one application method, but the combined results last 40% longer than a squeegee or double-spray application. Having one can also provide a competitive advantage on project bids since it’s rare to find a contractor with a dual applicator sealcoat machine.

Consider the types of jobs you’re likely to encounter and weigh the pros and cons of each option before purchasing a new sealcoat machine. Contact us for advice on what type of sealcoating equipment is best for your business goals. With this approach, you’re sure to find the right application method for your customers.

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